Logo (if applicable) Company Name / Services Provided Description
 SLP_logo_temp_vertical_rev2  Sweet Light Photos

Sweet Light Photos is a photography company highlighting the work of primarily landscape photographers. The prime time for capturing landscapes is during the hour just after sunrise and just before sunset, known as the golden hour which produces the “sweet light”. As such it was important for the logo and brand to capture the essence of the time and meaning.
logo_for_LandsEnd  Blue Heron Studios

Blue Heron Studios was the name selected by this photographer for his studio, as his favorite subject to shoot was the Great Blue Heron. The Great Blue Heron is most often found in swampy areas amidst the reeds looking for its next meal of small fish.
 CoreConnectionLogo  Core Connection, FAFCO

  • Logo
  • Portal
The Core Connection identity was created for an internal portal designed to be the platform for connecting the manufacturer with its dealer network. The Core Connection created a platform for sales and marketing tools, news, and a forum for sharing ideas.
logo-rgb  Machine Vision Consulting

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Business cards
  • Marketing Materials
  • Employee portal
  • Company Internal Systems
  • Products
 Machine Vision Consulting was a niche company providing integrated systems using imaging and algorithms to insure quality control primarily in manufacturing environments. The colors and font were design to indicate a solid, trustworthy company and products with the graphic indicating a view into quality via vision tools.
 DugoutCentral  Dugout Central

  • Logo
  • Website
This logo concept was developed for a baseball writers community website.
 SouthbridgeVeterinary  Southbridge Veterinary

  • Logo
  • Website
This simple concept was created to convey a heart felt compassion for animals and their health.
 SudburySeniorCenter_Logo_Final Sudbury Senior Center

This logo concept and color scheme was developed for a senior center who wanted to convey an active adult community.