Listed here are recent projects and a description of ongoing client relationships. To learn more about a recent project or website visit our Portfolio.


YEAH Council [2015 – present]

yeah-logo The Youth for Education Advocacy and Healthcare (YEAH) Council engaged Dannay Consulting to create a new website to better meet the needs of youth with disabilities by providing tools, resources and a forum for youth to share, learn and achieve an independent life as they transition from teenagers into adulthood.

Dannay Consulting continues to provide consulting support to the YEAH Council staff for the updating and maintenance of the website.

RAISE Center [2015 – present]

raise-logo-PMS-7732C._300 The RAISE Center, engaged Dannay Consulting  to create a website to act as a key technical assistance resource in support of multiple audiences including: parent information centers, families of children with disabilities, youths with disabilities and professionals whose work involves working with children or youths with disabilities.

Dannay Consulting continues to provide consulting support to the RAISE Center for the updating and maintenance of the website.

WorldPix, Inc. [2016 – present]

Dannay Consulting has been working with WorldPix, Inc., to completely transform their website.

WorldPix is NGO who believes a country’s greatest resource is its nature beauty. Believing in the power of a photograph to effect change, WorldPix engages photographers worldwide to make a difference for their communities and the countries they visit. Donations go to nonprofit organizations in the country from which the photo was taken. Donators receive a fine art print that they select.


Dannay Consulting continues to work with WorldPix to broaden their outreach through the web and social media as well as manage their website.

Sudbury Senior Center [2015-16]

SudburySeniorCenter_Logo_Final The Sudbury Senior Center engaged Dannay Consulting as a partner with Friends of Sudbury Seniors (FoSS) and the Sudbury Council on Aging (COA) in the creation of a new joint website.

The Sudbury Senior Center is a focal point for Sudbury Seniors, providing social, recreational, and educational activities, as well as, support services such as Friendly visitors, Shopping volunteers and Medical transportation volunteers.

The Center also serves as an information resource for local seniors. And through the Council on Aging, it plays an advocacy role for Seniors at the local, state and federal levels.

The Sudbury Senior Center is supported by both the Town of Sudbury Massachusetts and the Friends of Sudbury Seniors.

Sweet Light Photos [2013- present]

Sweet Light Photos is a passion of Kathryn and Jeff Dannay, founders of Dannay Consulting. It is a photography based site that contains a travel and photography blog. Over the four years since the first site was created in Squarespace, the site has been recreated in WordPress two additional times – each with a different theme in order to best present the photographic images along with a feature rich blog.

Dannay Consulting / Sweet Light Photos is active in social media and email marketing and the discovery of new tools and  lessons learned are passed onto clients.

PhilanTech [2005 to 2014] 

PhilanTrack_(TM)_for_Nonprofits_User_ManualDannay Consulting worked with PhilanTech [] for over six years on the design, development and launch of their online grant management and grant reporting product suite ( Ms. Dannay’s early role was in the designing the information architecture and the user interface design to insure “ease of use” to multiple audiences. Ms. Dannay has also been involved in the ongoing product development as a project manager, and has partnered with the owner on the product management. Ms. Dannay later provided support product enhancements as well as provided support to the numerous nonprofits and foundations using the product (e.g., product configuration, support, and training).

The PhilanTrack product was reviewed [April 2010] by Idealware.

The system also offers polished, highly usable and well-thought-out functionality for online applications and reporting which offers a number of advantages to both grantees and grantmakers looking to streamline the process.

The full report can be downloaded at:

PhilanTech was acquired by Altum in the fall of 2014.

Focus Healthcare of Tennessee [2007 to 2012]

Focus-Email-GenericDannay Consulting worked with Focus Healthcare of Tennessee in 2007 as part of their website redesign and rebranding effort. The effort expanding to include the design and development of multiple websites for other offices and centers as well as their online SEM/SEO and email marketing campaigns. Efforts included, but were not limited to:
  • Working with the organization’s print designer to transform the new hardcopy brand image(s) to an user friendly online web experience for each of their four web properties ( , the Focus Healthcare Moonpointe properties (Memphis and Knoxville) and )
  • Developing and implementing an online search engine marketing strategy using Google Adwords
  • In 2011, Dannay Consulting assisted Focus Healthcare in establishing an online email marketing program, and has created an online account with numerous custom branded email templates to support their various marketing initiatives.
  • In 2012, Dannay Consulting designed and built the new Moonpointe of Memphis: A Focus Center for Eating Disorders website to correspond to the new facility’s Grand Opening in February of 2012. This site was built in Drupal 7 via Drupal Gardens.

Dannay Consulting continued to guide Focus Healthcare in all of their online web initiatives and manage their online search engine marketing programs through 201. Dannay Consulting worked with Focus Healthcare of Tennessee on the 2012 launch of their newest facility, Focus Healthcare of California in Sacramento, California and the associated website. The new site was originally built using Drupal Gardens.

Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN) [2009-2012]

logo-span-colorPartnering with Statewide Parent Advocacy Network, Parent Information Center of New PIC_logo_revHampshire and the Maine Parent Federation, Dannay Consulting designed, developed and implemented a new online community to serve parents of disabled children. This online community resource was built using the award winning content management system, Drupal, and launched in May 2010. The website provides real time News Feeds, Parent Center published articles (blog), a Parents Forum and numerous resources both locally and nationally.

The website Starting POINTS for NH Parents (no longer active) was developed as a “template” for other parent centers. The concept was presented in May 2010 at the Northeastern Regional Conference the response was overwhelming for other parent centers interested in incorporating a “customized” template site. The template has since been rolled out to four other parent centers each template customized to meet the needs of that specifc organization:

The template has since been updated from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 via Drupal Gardens and used to re-launch in the fall of 2011. SPAN has also adopted the template for the upgrade of their own site: just launched as in September 2012.

Parent Information Center [2008 – present]

PIC_logo_revDannay Consulting has been partnering with Parent Information Center of New Hampshire, across numerous online initiatives since 2010.

In 2010, Dannay Consulting partnered with Parent Information Center of New Hampshire (as a leadingmember of the Supporting Successful Early Childhood Transition (SSECT) Advisory Board), on the design, development and implementation of an online interactive training module as part of the ARRA grant award, reference number: 7.08.

The effort included developing an initial prototype,  performing a learning module development tool evaluation that included mockups with several tools,  and finally the selection of a tool (Articulate), and the development of the module. The module provides an interactive, self-contained, on-line training option that addresses the transition from ESS for new and existing ESS staff and special education personnel. This on-line module integrates content from previous workshops, videos of staff as well as family members  – presenting both sides of the process, informal quizzes to assess knowledge acquisition, resources in terms of document examples and links to other site, and a journaling component that enables participants to capture their own experience as it relates to the material.

Dannay Consulting continues to provide technical and advisory support to PIC of NH for the development of additional learning modules.

Machine Vision Consulting [2003 – 2015]

logo-rgbDannay Consulting provided all Internet development and marketing support for Machine Vision Consulting (MVC), from inception through company sale in 2015.


Dannay Consulting:

  • Guided MVC through three different corporate website redesigns (2003, 2007, and 2010) and a home page refresh in 2013.
  • Developed all company marketing brochures (project, product and company)

And Dannay Consulting was:

  • Responsible for all Search Engine Marketing (via Google Adwords and MSN Advertising)
  • Responsible for all email marketing programs (content and design)
  • Responsible for all website content and updates

Dannay Consulting contributed to the design of the user interface for MVC products. Dannay Consulting also worked with Machine Vision Consulting to build and enhance their suite of internal management systems:

  • Bill of Materials (BOM) system. The Bill of Materials system is used by Machine Vision Consulting to track all equipment and software for each product or custom system sold. The front end of the system is built in XHTML, PHP, AJAX, and Javascript with the database being in MySQL.
  • Sales Account Management System (SAM). The Sales Account Management System was built to replace Salesforce, and then customized for MVC.
  • Customer Interface System (CIM). The Customer Interface System is MVC’s primary system for managing customer support issues and enhancements. It also integrates with the Bill of Materials System and the Sales Account Management System.
  • Resource Allocation Management (RAM). The Resource Allocation Management System integrates is used to allocate resrouces to each project. It interfaces with the Sales Account Management System.

Aquatherm Industries Dealer Portal [2010-2011]

minilogoDannay Consulting designed and built a sales and lead portal for Aquatherm’s dealers and distributors, the “AI Network”. The AI Network is an online application that provides for lead tracking, sales tracking, online ordering, a dealer directory, a forum for dealer interchange, and a means for online communications (via an integrated WordPress blog).

The Portal, a proprietary system, was launched in Spring of 2011.


Dugout Central: Baseball Community [2007 to 2015]

Logo-Revised-Dec09Dannay Consulting designed and implemented, Dugout Central a WordPress based community website, with numerous customizations. The community focused on those interested in writing, talking and analyzing baseball

Dugout Central articles were featured on, and The site was retired in 2015.


Beyond Work Website, Online Assessment & Administrative/Reporting Tool [2008 to 2012]

Logo-draft-finalIn conjunction with the book, Beyond Work: How Accomplished People Retire Successfully (Wiley 2008), Dannay Consulting worked with the Author and Psychologist, Dr. Bill Roiter in the creation of a website for the book ( and an online Retirement Confidence Profile tool. Two versions of the Retirement Confidence Profile tool are incorporated into the website, a quick 20 questions survey and a detailed 100 question survey. Results of the questions are summarized in an online report with recommendations correlating with sections of the book for reference. The tool is built in XHTML and PHP with MySQL used as the database.

Dannay Consulting worked with Dr. Roiter for a Beyond Work rebranding and a website redesign, which was prototyped and due to be realeased in Winter of 2012.

MVP Research Online Assessment, Administrative, Reporting Tool [2005 to 2012]

Dannay Consulting developed an online human resource assessment tool for corporate clients to use with their employees. The Most Valuable Performer (MVP) Profile Instrument, also called the Roiter Report, is the workplace application of the research that is the basis for the book Corporate MVPs (Wiley, 2004). It is a questionnaire-based tool that has extensive backend calculations based on the employees responses and researched criteria. The tool provides detailed customized results for the participant in HTML and PDF report format.

In conjunction with the tool, Dannay Consulting also developed a backend administrative application to support the online assessment tool. The administrative application provides tiered access where the functionality depends on a person’s role and user permissions. The admin application enables user management and creation of accounts, status of employee’s progress with the tool, numerous ways to report on the results and customized reporting. Several clients and hundreds of each client’s employees have used and continue to use the Roiter Report, and Dannay Consulting continued to support Dr. Roiter on this tool and with his clients through 2012.